LG Pyramid Geometric Glass Terrarium Kit

LG Pyramid Geometric Glass Terrarium Kit

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Adorning your apartment with a hip terrarium will surely make you look like you have your life together!  These geometric terrariums are made of 3mm plated glass.  Arranging your terrarium is simple and fun.  Detailed instructions are included. 

Assembled pieces are available for delivery if ordering from Long Island, NY.

  • Included:  Glass terrarium of your choice
  • 1 Premium succulent plant
  • Cactus mixed with activated charcoal
  • Sand for drainage
  • White peat stones
  • Preserved moss
  • Easy Care instructions
  • Chopstick and sponge tool


  • Globe: 7" diameter, 6" Tall
  • Small Pyramid 8.2'' Tall, 4" wide
  • Large Pyramid 8' tall 5.2' wide

Container made in the USA

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