Custom Succulent Floral Bouquet

Custom Succulent Floral Bouquet


Let us create a one-of-a kind succulent mix bouquet just for you. Stop buying flowers that will die after just a few days.  These gorgeous succulents will outlast any flower arrangement.  Your arrangement will be supplemented with fresh or dried flowers of your choice and when they die, you can disassemble the bouquet and plant your succulents!

After making the initial purchase order here, we will contact you to create your custom order.  Bouquets start at $59.99 +shipping

For bridal inquires, please write to us via the "Contact Us" form to start your wedding consult.

Lush 8'': $59.99

Ultra Lush 11" $74.99

Sweetheart Bouquet 12"+ $99+

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